The Calefactan war was the greatest war that Calefacta Aquas Piscanae had ever seen. Lasting for about a week, the war officially ended at 155AC (After Contrai) with Suburbistanistan pulling out of the war.


Occupied Territories of Contrai

Western Powers Eastern Powers
Nazguland Pyteria
Wolfgramnation Contrai
Etheria Shrubs (Betrayed)
Djibouti Jeans Xolian
D Suburbistanistan

Timeline of Events:

  1. Tensions between the Pyterians and Nazguls rise.
  2. Spies captured by both sides.
  3. Nazguland declares war(World War insert number here begins) and invades Pyteria
  4. Contrai, then Shrub Alliance move in to help Pyteria
  5. Wolfgramnation, then Djibouti Jeans move in to aid Nazguland.
  6. Xolian declares in defence of Contrai.
  7. Nazguland repelled from Pyteria, Pyteria prepares for a counter-offensive.
  8. Contrai and Shrubs pull out of Pyterian Aid, to instead face off the encroaching fleets of the Wolfgrites and the Djibouti
  9. Battle of the Booti Basin
  10. Draichotia declares on Contrai. (idk)
  11. Pyterian invasion of Nazguland fails.
  12. Pyteria and Nazguland both pull out, using up each others resources. Declaring peace.
  13. Nazguland suffers a mass epidemic, which transforms citizens into ... different things.
  14. Tyrana attacks Pyteria. Quickly defeated by Pyterian Armies.
  15. Remopolis Bombings
  16. Etheria joins the war for the western side, taking Contrai's western province.
  17. The great eastern siege begins.
  18. Draichotia declares peace.
  19. Suburbistanistan declares for the eastern powers.
  20. Battle of the Shivering Sea. Wolfgramnation's fleet takes heavy losses.
  21. Battle of the Northern Jazzuci Sea. Contrai's fleet destroyed as Djibouti Warships become unstoppable.
  22. Shrubs ships thousands of troops to Sparrow City
  23. Wolfgramnation beaches on Phybonakos. As Contrai prepares for a Counter-Offensive.
  24. Shrubs takes over Contrai, (Backstabber). Contrai Surrenders. Contraian Government Massacre.
  25. Jordan Mark presumed dead. Contraian resistance in the east begins to weaken.
  26. Suburbistanistan pulls out. War ends.

Post War Edit