Contrai (not to be confused with Contrai (Nation), is a small celestial body orbiting New Sol at a very far-out orbit. It is wedged between Jupiter and Saturn.


Contrai is a freezing world, the average temperature is roughly -20. Contrai rotates at a slower rate than Earth at 1.25 Earth Days. Contrai is also in a very elliptical orbit, Contrai completes it's orbit every 853+1/6 Earth Days. Contrai is a small planet with only a very thin atmosphere containing Nitrogen 90%, Carbon Dioxide 2% and Oxygen 8%. The life on Contrai is Earth Based, although they have adapted to survive in the cold for extreme periods of time. Contrai Citizens are forced to stock up for winter, the only fertile lands on Contrai are at the equator during a Contraian Summer, this is when Contrai is at the lowest point of its orbit. A Contraian Summer lasts only 50 Earth Days, compared to a Contraian Winter (535 Earth Days). In a Contraian Winter the amount of sun hitting the surface of the planet is reduced up to 80% less than average.

Contrai has an Iron core and is geologically active. Contrai is very hard to move around in because of extreme mountains prohibiting surface travel.

Contrai is new to the Sol System, as it was a rogue dwarf planet before, and has only recently been tapping into Sol's Light.

The United Federation Contrai is the major faction and controls the dwarf planet, however. Seperatist Factions have existed before, not to mention alien invasions by fallen ... at the dawn of time, before the fall of earth.